June Feature Fish: Mikau

I totally feel like a heel writing so much in just two days.
Oh well, if even one person manages to find something interesting or informative, it was worth the while!  So here goes.  Every month I'll feature a different fishy until I run out of fish.  Then I'll come up with a new idea.

Mikau was my first male fish from Aquabid.com and he is quite possibly my most beautiful fish.  His listing described him as a green dragon halfmoon though I've come to learn that in Thailand they consider teal or light blue green.  He is named after a character in Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, a zora who dies and is reincarnated into a mask that Link (the main character) can wear to turn into a Zora.  I chose this name because Mikau is in love with Lulu, a female zora who I named my green dragon girl after who I wanted to one day spawn with Mikau. He gets to be my first feature fish for June because he's gorgeous and he's so photogenic! :P 

When he arrived, he wasn't in tip top shape.  His fin colors were faded and he had a circular scar on his left side.  Once he got acclimated to his new home, though, his colors perked right up and I'm just hoping his scales will grow back.

Thank you for the log, mommy!
He swims a bit differently from the rest of my fish.  He has so much fin that he has to shake and wobble, kind of like a goldfish does.  Rosetails like Mikau often have this trouble.  That's why I chose to go for a floating log for him instead of a normal cave or sunken log like Ralis and Jabu-Jabu have.  It definitely wasn't a bad choice in the least - he spends more time flitting around in that log than anywhere else in his tank!  

Some people had warned of these logs causing fin tears but Mikau hasn't had a single problem with his log.  It's where I feed him more often than not since it has an opening in the top.  It also harbors his unintentional snail tank mates.

And now for some pictures and a video of Mikau and how he swims. :)


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