The Girls

I've introduced the boys.  Now it's the girl's turn. :)

Ruto was my first girl and second betta fish.  I decided to get a girl after Jabu-Jabu after learning that they were available and could be kept together.  Girls can be kept together that is.  I originally picked her because she looked the healthiest and seemed to be a pale blue.  When the pet store employee brought her out of the tank, it became clear that she was meant for me because of her colors.  She now shares a tank with my other girls. 
 Laruto came home with me from Petco along with what I thought was her spawn sister, Rutela.  She was pretty small then and is still very small now.  When she's not stressed out from being the runt of the tank, she's a gorgeous set of blues and purples.  She's also almost impossible to get a picture of.  Always on the move or hiding in the cave.
 Rutela... Oy, Rutela.  She's quite the tough cookie to crack.  When I brought her home from petco with Laruto, she had breeding stripes like a champ, an egg tube showing and was a pale brown with red fins.  Within the last month of being with me, she has exploded into a symphony of dark, rich reds, blues and purple/blacks.  She's also grown at an outrageous pace and sports fins that are by the day looking more and more male.  She may end up being a he... Only time will tell!

Lulu was my second fish from aquabid.  I decided that I may want to one day breed betta fish and if I did, I'd want to breed halfmoons.  So I found Lulu, a green dragon halfmoon female.  She was at my doorstep in three day's time and is easily my favorite female.  She's gorgeous and has so much personality.  I love her to death.  Totally worth every cent I paid to get her.

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