An Introduction

Well, well, well... here I am writing about my fish.  How UNEXPECTED!

My name is Rachel outside of the fancy thinking box but on the internet I tend to go by 'burd'.  So, whoever you are, my name is Burd and welcome to my world of aquatic friends.  I thank you for bothering to read this blog and hope it will some how either bring you information or entertainment.

First and foremost, I should mention that this blog is about my fish.  Not just any fish; Betta fish.  Within the past two months, I've managed to somehow acquire and house 8 betta fish, four males and four females.  I've learned a lot by making a few mistakes and fixing them as I go.  I'd like to extend a very big thank you to the kind and knowledgeable crowd over at whom without I would not have learned nearly anything of what I now know.  I would like to extend a very big NO thank you and a warning about yahoo answers.  Take everything you read on that site with a huge grain of salt.  Please.

And of course, I shall end this entry by introducing my menagerie of fishy friends.  I'll introduce them each one by one in entries to follow this one.  Each of them, to me, has become a part of my family and has a very unique personality that shines every time I even walk by their tanks.  Thanks again for reading!

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